Elena Reipold-Ivanova

Elena Reipold-Ivanova

Deputy Director, Technology Innovation

Location Geneva, Switzerland

About Elena Reipold-Ivanova

Dr Elena Ivanova Reipold joined FIND in 2016 and is currently Technology Innovation Lead following her three-year role as Deputy Head HCV R&D. She comes to FIND following the Swiss Federal training programme for the founder of knowledge- and technology-based companies, where she developed a project on HCV point-of-care diagnosis. Elena earned her MD in clinical biochemistry from Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk, Russia. While completing her PhD in molecular biology from Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Moscow, she worked on the structural and functional relationships of proteins. In 2009, Elena was postdoctoral fellow at the University of Geneva, where she studied protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions, mechanisms of viral protein synthesis, and cellular response to viral infections in human cells.

After receiving her PhD and before doing her postdoctoral work, Elena worked for a short while for the biotech company ChemRAR Ltd., where she was involved in high-throughput screening assays for drug discovery.