Sergio Carmona

Sergio Carmona

Acting CEO and Chief Medical Officer

Location Geneva, Switzerland

About Sergio Carmona

Dr Sergio Carmona is a seasoned leader in global health, currently serving as the acting CEO and Chief Medical Officer at FIND. Sergio has been instrumental in shaping FIND’s strategic direction and spearheading critical initiatives since joining the organization in 2019.

As Chief Medical Officer, Sergio has oversight of FIND’s programmatic and access activities, and he played a pivotal role in FIND’s contributions to the global emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drawing from over a decade of experience at the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) in South Africa, Sergio brings extensive expertise in molecular diagnostics and treatment monitoring, particularly in areas such as early infant diagnosis, HIV drug resistance, and associated co-infections. His contributions have significantly advanced the field, shaping guidelines and policies at national and international levels. A haematologist by training, Sergio’s academic background includes a medical degree (MBBCh) from the University of Witwatersrand, a Pathology Specialization (FCPath), and a PhD in Molecular Medicine and Haematology. His research outputs have informed critical guidance in HIV diagnostics and management, earning him recognition as a key contributor to the technical committees of the World Health Organization and other global health organizations.

Sergio’s multicultural background, with roots in both South Africa and Chile, enriches his perspectives and enhances his effectiveness in diverse global settings. Sergio earned his medical degree (MBBCh) from the University of Witwatersrand before doing a Pathology Specialization (FCPath) in 2009, earning a PhD in Molecular Medicine and Haematology in 2018. He is proficient in both English and Spanish.