Pooja Srivastava

Pooja Srivastava

Senior Biomedical Engineer

Location New Delhi, India

About Pooja Srivastava

Pooja earned a post-graduate diploma in Operation Management from IMT and a Master degree in Biomedical Instrumentation from Birla Institute of Technology, Jharkhand.Pooja has over eight years of experience in medical equipment planning and management.

Prior to joining FIND, she has worked with Artemis Health Institute, Delhi and Fortis Healthcare Limited in Delhi, where she was responsible for planning and management of medical devices. She also gained experience with quality control protocols of the National Accreditation Board for Hospital & Healthcare Providers (NABH), and carried out administrative duties in addition to her other tasks. She received a Best Performer award from NABH in 2010.

Pooja holds a certification in World Bank Public Procurement and is a certified master expert for technical testing of microscopes.

Pooja joined FIND India as Biomedical Engineer in February 2011.