Joint Effort for Elimination of Tuberculosis (JEET)

Joint Effort for Elimination of Tuberculosis (JEET)

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What is this project?

Joint Effort for Elimination of Tuberculosis (JEET) is the largest private health sector engagement initiative for tuberculosis (TB) ever to be carried out in India. It connects private hospitals, clinics, laboratories and practitioners with the national public health programme to facilitate better access to affordable TB diagnostics, help patients stay on treatment while reducing treatment cost, and improve notification of TB cases.


Why are we working on it?

India has the highest burden of TB in the world, with nearly one in every three incident cases globally occurring in the country. Studies have shown that nearly half of all patients with TB in India first seek care in the private sector, where there are significant gaps across the patient-care cascade, notably diagnostic delays, irrational and non-standardized regimens, and under-reporting to authorities. As a result, over a million cases of TB are missed in India every year.

Despite the magnitude of the challenge, India has embarked on an ambitious journey to eliminate TB by 2025. To achieve this goal, India’s National Strategic Plan (NSP) for TB elimination (2017–25) advocates for “going where the patients go”. Engaging with the private sector is therefore essential to improving standards of TB care.


What does it involve?

JEET is being implemented in close coordination with India’s Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP), through local patient—provider support agencies (PPSAs), to enhance private sector engagement.

Focusing primarily on private facilities — clinics, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and informal healthcare providers — JEET aims to improve case notification and successful treatment outcomes. Under the project, private patients can receive free, quality-assured diagnostic and treatment services to minimize out-of-pocket expenses.  The project provides patients with treatment adherence support by facilitating regular interaction between patients and providers; it also facilitates the provision of incentives by the national TB control programme to patients for nutritional support, and to private providers for notification. Through these interventions, the project ensures access to diagnostics and treatment, notification, and improved treatment success rates.


What do we expect to achieve?

This innovative approach will facilitate over 1.6 million TB case notifications over 3 years, across 400 districts of India, and ensure that at least 70% of patients will be successfully treated.


What is the timescale?

JEET was officially launched in 2018 and will run for 3 years. Website


Partners and funding

JEET is carried out by a consortium comprising FIND, the William J Clinton Foundation and the Centre for Health and Research and Innovation. The project is supported by The Global Fund and the government of India through the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and its Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme.


More information

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