DxConnect Virtual Biobank

DxConnect Virtual Biobank

When it comes to finding and sourcing biological samples, poor visibility of collections creates a very real barrier to diagnostic development. This is particularly true of resources for the control and management of infectious diseases, where few interconnected networks and coordination tools exist. In response to this, the DxConnect Virtual Biobank offers not only a global view of sample collections and their availability, but also guidance on sample use. Set up and managed by FIND, it is one of the only free, open-access databases of its kind, and it is an important step in streamlining the development of diagnostic solutions.

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Users can search the directory to identify relevant collections, connect, and place orders directly with individual sites. All requests are confidential. FIND is not informed about any communication or agreement between directory users and host organizations, unless the collection is listed in our Specimen Bank or network of FIND Integrated Biobanks.

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Current listings are linked to COVID-19, but will grow to include tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, hepatitis, fever-related infections, and selected neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

Register your service

Any biobank or network that stores, collects, or distributes specimens can register with the DxConnect Virtual Biobank. Registration is free, will bring new visibility to your services, and support the use of biological samples in diagnostic development.

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A biobank is any infrastructure that holds, collects, or distributes human samples and data.

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The biobank network is a group of biobanks that are united by a common objective or agreed standard.

Want to find out more about the registration process? View our Biobank User Guide.

Invest in us

The DxConnect Virtual Biobank is set to become one of the most comprehensive online databases of sample collections for infectious diseases. Currently focused on COVID-19, the next few years will see us build a prototype model listing collections for at least 10 other priority diseases. If you would like to partner with FIND and support the technical development of the Virtual Biobank, or if you would like to find out more about our funding opportunities, please contact vbd@finddx.org.

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