Board of Directors



Our Board of Directors is the ultimate authority for approval of all FIND policies, organizational strategy and budget.

The Board performs the following functions:

  • Provides guidance and exercises final decision-making on strategy
  • Approves all management team operations, including work plans and budgets
  • Oversees the progress of all FIND activities
  • Hires and evaluates senior level executives
  • Ensures the integrity of FIND’s corporate accounting, financial reporting systems, and audits
  • Participates in resource mobilization effort and supports public relations
  • Initiates new partnerships
  • Selects new Board members

Our Board conducts their work through four committees:

Audit & Finance Committee
Board: D Camus (Chair), S Kamineni, M Kessel. FIND: L Chaubert,  S Saacks

Development Committee
Board: I Kickbusch (Chair), A Jack, M Kessel. FIND: W Brock, S-J Loveday

Remuneration Committee
Board: M Watson (Chair), M Kessel, S Tlou. FIND: B Mouton

Scientific Committee
Board: M Tanner (Chair), GF Gao, D Heymann, C Morel

Members of the Board

Board member selection is based on a range of criteria including individual skills; leadership in the diagnostic field; technical and clinical expertise in relevant disease areas; a history of success in driving development; laboratory and clinical-trial competence; knowledge of what is required to succeed in disease-endemic countries; and a willingness to invest time in helping FIND succeed.

Procedures for the appointment of FIND Board members are guided by the statutes and bylaws approved by the Swiss Supervisory Board for Foundations.


Mark Kessel
Daniel Camus
George F. Gao
David L. Heymann
Andrew Jack
Shobana Kamineni
Ilona Kickbusch
Carlos Morel
Marcel Tanner
Sheila D. Tlou
Michael Watson