ACT-Accelerator Diagnostics Pillar: Progress

ACT-Accelerator Diagnostics Pillar: Progress

Here we present a snapshot of the major achievements in diagnostics and testing that the ACT-Accelerator Diagnostics Pillar has delivered. It is not comprehensive – for more details, please contact us.

Priorities for 2021

Key achievements to date

Drive the development & availability of affordable, transformative, digitally-integrated tests

  • ​Develop low-cost, well-performing antigen rapid tests (Ag RDTs), with regionalized manufacturing capacity
  • Develop affordable, well-performing multi-pathogen testing platforms
  • Design market interventions to make well-performing diagnostic tools available & affordable (including self-tests)
  • Develop non-proprietary test result reader app and interoperability solution to integrate with diagnostic tests
  • ​Continue to update open access resources (including landscaping, biobanking, performance benchmarking panels)
  • ​Create mechanism to aggregate country demand


Secure equitable access to tests

  • ​Procure 85 million tests to cover immediate LMICs need; 500 million tests needed by the end of 2021
  • Procured over 27 million molecular tests and 12 million rapid antigen tests for LMICs; more information on procurement available from the Global Fund

Stimulate rapid & effective country uptake

  • ​Strengthen testing infrastructure & capacity in low-income countries
  • ​Generate evidence for policymakers & implementers through operational research, deploy catalytic funding in countries to optimally implement tests (including innovative delivery models)
  • ​Build capabilities and provide support to healthcare workers & laboratorians through training & technical assistance for countries


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