Dsa Karthickeyan

Dsa Karthickeyan

Medical Officer

Localisation New Delhi, India

A propos de Dsa Karthickeyan

Dr DSA Karthickeyan is a Medical Doctor with an interest in Public health. He received his degrees in Medicine and Surgery from Stanley Medical College, Chennai, India. Karthickeyan also holds a Master’s degree in Public Health. He did his Fellowship in HIV Medicine jointly conducted by International Training Education Center on Health, University of Washington and CDC, Atlanta-USA at Government Hospital of Thoracic Medicine, Chennai, India.

Before joining FIND, Karthickeyan worked as a RePORT India Consortium Coordinator for Indo-US Vaccine Action Program. He also worked as Medical Consultant for the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP) Technical Support Network (TSN) for over five years in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Lakshadweep. He has implemented several innovative interventions for the improvement of TB patients in the state of Kerala, such as introducing the decentralised model of treatment for multi-drug resistant TB patients, providing nutritional support to MDR-TB and HIV co-infected patients, pilot testing the practical approach to the lung health initiative and TB-Diabetes coordination.

Karthickeyan is Founder and Chair of Academy for Public Health, a registered not-for-profit scientific organization headquartered in Calicut in the state of Kerala, India whose mission is to bring public health solutions to all.

Karthickeyan joined FIND as Medical Officer in July 2017 and is the Project Leader for Global Fund project management, monitoring and implementation, as well as coordinating with Central TB Division.