Hai Yen Le

Hai Yen Le

Project Consultant

Localisation Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Department Access

A propos de Hai Yen Le

In January 2021, Yen joined FIND as Project Consultant and Laboratory Assistant in Hanoi, Vietnam. Yen is a Microbiologist Specialist with over twenty-five years of experience working at microbiological laboratory and studying in clinical microbiology research with a strong knowledge and background of microbiological diagnosis and infectious disease.

In her professional career, Yen also participated in many fields of research and studies on emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases under the grant and cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Vietnam; the World Health Organization; Vietnam-Australia Special Infectious Studies; Army Military Institute of Infectious Disease of Australia, Duke-NUS…She has contributed and established training program to develop SOPs, Laboratory Quality Management and Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity.

Prior to joining FIND, she worked at PATH organization as a Team leader on the Infectious Disease Detection and Surveillance under the grant of USAID.

At FIND, based on her experience of clinical diagnostics as well as laboratory quality management, Yen provides her technical supports as a project consultant to the project of Enhancing diagnostic capacity of primary health care in Viet Nam and as a laboratory assistant to FEND for TB project.