Laura Bohorquez

Laura Bohorquez

Trial Manager

Localisation Geneva, Switzerland

Programme de santé Neglected Tropical Diseases

Department Operations

A propos de Laura Bohorquez

Since January 2023, Laura is Scientific Officer, and lead for Chagas disease at the NTD program, based in Colombia. Previously, Laura worked as CRA at FIND for over 2 years. She has significant experience in project management, developing and leading strategic plans of R&D and market access projects in Latin America. Prior to joining FIND as Scientific Officer, Laura has founded her consulting company, and with her team helped various international developers of innovative technologies, such as point-of-care diagnostics for infectious tropical diseases, platforms for non-invasive pre-natal testing and incision-less surgery, in implementing strategies for accessing Latin American markets, R&D and regulatory strategies, partnerships, clinical trials, product testing, and funding.

Laura earned a BSc in Biology (Colombia), a MSc in Molecular Bioengineering (Germany), and a PhD in Cell Biology (The Netherlands). Throughout her professional career, she has consolidated a solid background in life sciences, clinical research, project management and market access; she has strengthened her networks and collaboration with health authorities and providers in the Latin American region, as well as with researchers and industry partners globally. She will continue working to ensure that diagnostic innovation improves testing of neglected tropical diseases and becomes an integral part of health systems in Latin America, to satisfy the needs of vulnerable populations in the region.