Alltalents	Murahwa

Alltalents Murahwa


Localisation Cape Town, South Africa

Programme de santé Pandemic Threats

Department Medical Affairs

Unit Global Health Security

A propos de Alltalents Murahwa

Alltalents joined FIND in April 2022 and is currently Scientific Officer for the Emerging/Pandemic Threats Programme, supporting diagnostic development for outbreak-prone and emerging diseases for low- and middle-income countries. With over 17 years of experience in both private and public sectors and a focus on global health and infectious diseases research in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa, his career objective has always been to fight the spread of infectious diseases and cancer on both the biomedical and social fronts.

Alltalents received his Bachelor of Biomedical Science and his Master of science in Medicine (Viral Immunology) from the University of Zimbabwe. He completed his PhD in medical virology from the University of Capetown.  Born and raised  in Zimbabwe he is now based and resides in Capetown South Africa.