Maël Redard-Jacot

Maël Redard-Jacot

Manager, Market Intelligence / Market Innovations

Location Geneva, Switzerland

Department Access

Unit Market Innovations

About Maël Redard-Jacot

Maël joined FIND in 2017 and is currently Senior Market Analyst, responsible for establishing and maintaining market data across FIND’s areas of work. In this role, he leads the organization’s market understanding of diagnostics in each of its disease and programme areas, informing product development and market shaping activities, and recommending where and how the organization should invest. He works closely with both public- and private-sector partners in Global Health to understand and address market inefficiencies so that appropriately designed, high-impact diagnostic products are produced and distributed at affordable prices.

As an Analyst and Project Manager with several years’ of international work experience in Business and Market Analysis, in both the corporate (Consumer Electronics, Banking) and non-profit sector of Environment and Global Health, Maël is passionate about the linkages between business and development. He received his BSc in Business Administration from the University of Geneva and his MSc in Management from the University of Lausanne.