Mikashmi Kohli

Mikashmi Kohli


Location Geneva, Switzerland

Health Programme Tuberculosis

Department Medical Affairs

About Mikashmi Kohli

Mikashmi joined FIND in June 2021 as a Scientific Officer. She completed her PhD in Molecular Medicine from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, and did her postdoctoral fellowship at McGill University with the Pai Global TB group. Working with the Cochrane Systematic Review team on diagnostic accuracy of molecular tests in TB, she has training in evidence-based medicine and has also contributed to the WHO policy work related to TB diagnostics.

Mikashmi has led several projects related to accuracy of molecular TB diagnostics, and also to assess availability and accessibility of diagnostics in primary healthcare settings in low and-middle income countries. Having worked in India on the diagnosis of TB, especially extrapulmonary TB, she has developed a strong interest in EPTB research. She is passionate about diagnostics in Global Health and implementation of basic science research in the global health scenario.