Vidyanidhi Gumma

Vidyanidhi Gumma

Senior Microbiologist

Localisation New Delhi, India

Programme de santé Tuberculose

Départment Access

Unité Country and Regional Programmes

A propos de Vidyanidhi Gumma

Vidyanidhi (Vidya) Gumma joined FIND India in 2011 as a consultant microbiologist while working at the State Reference TB Laboratory. He was involved in establishing BSLIII facilities and strengthening laboratory uptake of the new TB diagnostics for detecting TB/DRTB. Recently, he was involved in certification programmes and EQA activities for FIND Vietnam under the CDC CoAg. There he was responsible for various projects under EXPAND-TB, the Global Fund and CDC CoAg, with the aim to strengthen the National Tuberculosis Programme, and roll out QMS programmes (TB-SLMTA) in Vietnam.

Vidya earned a PhD from the Department of Medical Microbiology, University of Delhi, India. Due to his keen interest in public health, he also completed a Masters degree in hospital and health administration and received a certificate with distinction in infectious diseases from Emory Medical University in the US.