Market development

Market development

FIND helps global health stakeholders at global and national level understand and build sustainable markets for the diagnostics we support, ensuring they meet the four As of global access: availability, affordability, appropriateness for use in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), and adoption in these settings.


Why are we working on this?

Today, the lack of understanding of high-disease-burden LMIC markets and their dynamics is one of the major barriers to investment in, and successful uptake of, new diagnostics. Many manufacturers developing new diagnostic products are small companies and do not necessarily have experience developing, commercializing and distributing products in LMICs. Further, current diagnostic R&D is typically targeted at high-income countries, which are traditionally more profitable for industry and for which more reliable market information is available. As a result, cost structures are often not adapted to LMICs and products may not be adapted to LMIC needs – which presents challenges in bringing the right product to the market.

Our approach

To help solve these issues, FIND works closely with national ministries of health, donors, procurement agencies, in-country partners, and experts on market intelligence projects that can inform product design, support the business case for companies to invest, and to provide insight and advice into uptake, including market barriers, initial forecasts, recommendations of early market countries and full launch strategy plans.

We have developed a market intelligence framework that spans the entire product development process, from feasibility stage to product registration, globally and in-country. To maximize the successful launch and adoption of a new diagnostic in LMICs, our research covers key access questions and activities, from policy, advocacy, and regulatory, to manufacturing, procurement, supply-chain, market, end-user and test-administration perspectives.

As part of the framework, we have elaborated market development templates to help address those issues according to where a product is in its development journey: a high-level global market assessment, a detailed global market analysis, and a national launch strategy plan.


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