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FIND participates in the Second Global COVID-19 Summit

12 May 2022 – Today, President Biden will emphasize “global test to treat” as world leaders and distinguished guests convene at the second Global COVID-19 Summit, hosted by the Governments of Belize, Germany, Indonesia, Senegal, and the United States.

The Summit will focus on recommitting intensity to the global response; vaccinating the world; protecting the most vulnerable; and preventing future catastrophes.

l have the privilege to be moderating a session on expanding access to tests and treatments, which is expected to begin around 11:30 ET/17:30 CEST. Please join me – the whole event, scheduled 9:00–13:30 ET, will be livestreamed here.

Ahead of the Summit many organizations have been publishing commitments, including FIND. You can read our commitments at the end of this message.

I also wrote today in the Telegraph about the potential that can be achieved by maintaining, repurposing, and expanding the diagnostic test capacity that has been built for the COVID-19 pandemic. The article was published in English here, and we translated it into French here.