Negotiated prices

GeneXpert IV module with desktop GeneXpert IV module with a laptop
US$ 17,000 (Price ex works & prepaid) US$ 17,500 (Price ex works & prepaid)


The public sector in eligible countries can purchase test cartridges for TB, hepatitis C, HIV, human papillomavirus (HPV), chlamydia trachomatis (CT)/neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG), and trichonoma vaginalis (TV) at the following prices, ex-works and prepaid.

Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra US$ 9.98
Xpert MTB/RIF US$ 9.98
Xpert HCV US$ 14.90
Xpert HIV Qualitative US$ 14.90
Xpert HIV Viral load US$ 14.90
Xpert HPV US$ 14.90
Xpert CT/NG 10 US$ 16.20
Xpert CT/NG 120 US$ 16.20
Xpert TV US$ 19.00



Warranty covers the GeneXpert instrument and parts (such as module or computer replacement

  • Warranty starts when the shipment is received at the arranged point of collection (refer to Incoterm).
  • All GeneXpert systems come with a one-year manufacturer warranty on parts.
  • For the compassionate program, Cepheid offers an additional second year of warranty once the system check is performed before the end of the first year.
  • Xpert Check* kit should be ordered and performed every year to certify the system is performing correctly.
  • Remote assistance is included.
  • The cost of shipping parts is covered by Cepheid (DDP where possible).
  • Onsite interventions are not included and will be quoted separately by the assigned authorized service provider.

In addition to the initial 2-year warranty provided by Cepheid, warranty extensions can also be purchased

  • The cost of shipping parts is covered by Cepheid (CIP) – additional charges may be incurred.
  • Remote assistance is included; onsite interventions are not included and will be quoted separately by the assigned authorized service provider.
Instrument size 1-yr warranty 3-yr warranty 3-yr warranty
(if purchased at the same time as the instrument)
$1,896 $5,184 $4,500
$2,898 $7.902 $6,840
$7,800 $20.898 $18,504


Xpert Check kit(s) 1 kit included 3 kits included 4 kits included


System maintenance

Preventive maintenance includes the regular maintenance tasks as well as the annual system check*. All these steps can be executed onsite by the user to ensure the good performance of the system.

Regular maintenance includes:

  • Daily maintenance: Clean work area, keep doors upright, discard used cartridges
  • Weekly maintenance: Restart the system and the computer
  • Monthly maintenance: Clean instrument surfaces; clean cartridge bays; clean plunger rods; clean fan filters; and archive results

Annual system check:

  • Xpert Check* is performed every year to certify that the system is performing correctly:  One kit allows the user to check 4 modules.
  • The kit should be ordered from Cepheid: (US$ 450, unless there is a warranty extension).
  • No shipping costs will be added if the Xpert Check kit is shipped with other tests or systems.

Xpert Check results may invoke a required module replacement if certain performance conditions are not met.

  • For any system covered by a warranty or a warranty extension, the costs of module replacement are included.
  • For any system not covered by a warranty or a warranty extension, module replacement costs US$ 900 per module. Shipping costs both ways will be added to the quote.

Onsite interventions are not included and can be quoted separately by the assigned authorized service provider.

Eligible countries

Afghanistan Dominican Republic Lithuania Seychelles
Albania Ecuador Macedonia Siera Leone
Algeria Egypt Madagascar Solomon Islands
Angola El Salvador Malawi Somalia
Antigua & Barbuda Eritrea Malaysia South Africa
Argentina Estonia Maldives Sri Lanka
Armenia Ethiopia Mali St Kitts and Nevis
Azerbaijan Fiji Mauritania St Lucia
Bangladesh Gabon Mauritius St Vincent & Grenadines
Belarus The Gambia Mexico Sudan
Belize Gaza Strip Micronesia Sudan, South
Benin Georgia Moldova Suriname
Bhutan Ghana Mongolia Swaziland
Bolivia Grenada Montenegro Syria
Bosnia-Herzegovina Guatemala Morocco Tajikistan
Botswana Guinea Mozambique Tanzania
Brazil Guinea, Equatorial Myanmar Thailand
Bulgaria Guinea-Bissau Namibia Timor-Leste
Burkina Faso Haiti Nauru Togo
Burundi Honduras Nepal Tonga
Cabo Verde India Nicaragua Tunisia
Cambodia Indonesia Niger Turkmenistan
Cameroon Iraq Nigeria Tuvalu
Central African Republic Jamaica Pakistan Uganda
Chad Jordan Palau Ukraine
Chile Kazakhstan Panama Uruguay
China Kenya Papua New Guinea Uzbekistan
Colombia Kiribati Paraguay Vanuatu
Comoros Korea, North Peru Venezuela
Congo (Democratic Republic of) Kosovo Philippines Vietnam
Congo (Republic of the) Kyrgyzstan Romania Western Sahara
Costa Rica Lao PDR Russia Yemen
Côte d’Ivoire Latvia Rwanda Zambia
Croatia Lebanon Samoa Zimbabwe
Cuba Lesotho Sao Tome & Principe
Djibouti Liberia Senegal
Dominica Libya Serbia


About eligible countries

FIND has leveraged its investment in the development of Xpert MTB/RIF by negotiating a price reduction agreement with Cepheid. This agreement fixes the pricing and defines the applicable market as the public sector in 145 high-burden and developing countries.

This preferential pricing is based on ex-works prices, which can be accessed via the specific supplier directly as listed under the product-specific details on this FIND site.

The definition of the public sector as applied to the preferential pricing is provided in the general information section above.

Purchase orders & contact

The public sector in eligible countries can purchase instruments and test cartridges by contacting Cepheid directly at the address below and mentioning the negotiated preferential price.

Contact details

Cepheid HBDC
Vira Solelh
81470 Maurens-Scopont, France
Telephone +33 563 825 309
Fax +33 563 825 301