GenoType® MTBDR

GenoType® MTBDR

Negotiated prices

FIND has leveraged its investment by negotiating a volume-based price reduction agreement with Hain Lifescience GmbH (Hain). Prices can decrease with increasing volumes. FIND and Hain shall regularly review actual volumes being shipped and where a key breakpoint is reached shall agree on the next tier of lower prices which will be communicated on this page.

GenoType® MTBDRplus 2.0
Annual manufacturing quantity Price per test Price per kit (96 tests)
 1 €7.50 €720
750,000 €6.60 €633
1,250,000 €6.00 €576
2,000.00 €4.50 €432
3,000,000 €3.75 €360


Product Price
GenoType® MTBDRsl Ver 1.0 € 7,50*
GenoType® MTBDRsl Ver 2.0 € 7,50*
GT- Blot 48 – List Nr. 1003/1 € 14,352
TwinCubator® – List Nr. 7025009 € 2,200
GenoScan® – List Nr. GS-001 € 12,180
GTQ-Cycler – List Nr. 7024007 € 4,595
GenoXtract – List Nr. 8.31.01 € 10,600
GXT DNA/RNA Extraction Kit – List Nr. 7024007 € 498 per 96 test pack

*Please visit Hain Lifescience’s website for more information on the two versions of this assay.

Implementation support

Hain can provide support for implementation if required. Precise details on costs of service contracts for the instrumentation can be obtained from the local Hain company representative.

A cost of service contract is usually estimated at 15% of the FOB instrument price. As the instrumentation comes with a 1-year warranty, service contracts should be calculated for year 2 onwards.

Eligible countries

Afghanistan Djibouti Liberia Serbia
Albania Dominica Libya Seychelles
Algeria Dominican Republic Macedonia Sierra Leone
Angola Ecuador Madagascar Solomon Islands
Antigua & Barbuda Egypt Malawi Somalia
Argentina El Salvador Malaysia Sri Lanka
Armenia Eritrea Maldives St Kitts and Nevis
Azerbaijan Ethiopia Mali St Lucia
Bangladesh Fiji Mauritania St Vincent & Grenadines
Belarus Gabon Mauritius Sudan
Belize The Gambia Mexico Sudan, South
Benin Gaza Strip Micronesia Suriname
Bhutan Georgia Moldova Swaziland
Bolivia Ghana Mongolia Syria
Bosnia-Herzegovina Grenada Montenegro Tajikistan
Botswana Guatemala Morocco Tanzania
Brazil Guinea Mozambique Thailand
Bulgaria Guinea, Equatorial Myanmar Timor-Leste
Burkina Faso Guinea-Bissau Namibia Togo
Burundi Haiti Nauru Tonga
Cabo Verde Honduras Nepal Tunisia
Cambodia India Nicaragua Turkmenistan
Cameroon Indonesia Niger Tuvalu
Central African Rep. Iraq Nigeria Uganda
Chad Jamaica Pakistan Uruguay
Chile Jordan Palau Uzbekistan
China Kazakhstan Panama Vanuatu
Colombia Kenya Papua New Guinea Venezuela
Comoros Kiribati Paraguay Viet Nam
Congo (Dem. Rep. of) Korea, North Peru Western Sahara
Congo (Rep. of the) Kosovo Philippines Yemen
Costa Rica Kyrgyzstan Rwanda Zambia
Côte d’Ivoire Lao PDR Samoa Zimbabwe
Croatia Lebanon Sao Tome & Principe
Cuba Lesotho Senegal


Purchase orders & contact

Ordering and further questions can be addressed to:

Dr. Pia Azarschab
International Business Manager, Hain