P. falciparum culture panels

P. falciparum culture panels

ZeptoMetrix Corporation and FIND have produced the first commercially available malaria Plasmodium falciparum culture panels with standard concentrations of histidine-rich protein 2 (HRP2).

The ZeptoMetrix malaria P. falciparum culture panels, which are available in a range of concentrations from six different malaria strains, are intended for use by researchers and test developers to evaluate the performance of malaria rapid diagnostic tests.

Product pricing & resources

The following P. falciparum strains are available as individual panels. Each panel consists of 16 vials covering HRP2 concentrations from 8000 pg/mL to 4 pg/mL – seven concentrations in total (two vials per concentration), plus two vials of negative blood. The price per panel is 400.00 USD (excluding shipping charges).

Catalog Number Item name
KZMC041 FCQ79 (Type A)
KZMC042 Benin I (Type A)
KZMC043 W2 (Type B)
KZMC044 Santa Lucia (Type B)
KZMC045 PH1 (Type C)
KZMC046 Borneo (Type C)

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