Primo Star iLED

Primo Star iLED

Negotiated prices

Current prices, along with the list of countries eligible for the discounts, as negotiated by FIND with Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH, are listed below:

Product Price
Primo Star iLED
List Nr. 415500-0040-001
€ 1,250
Battery supply unit
List Nr. 415500-1814-000
€ 180
Case for transport and storage (also suitable for Primo Star without iLED)
List Nr. 415500-1827-000
€ 197
Transport case:

  • lockable, with trolley, 2 wheels, and lateral handle
  • dustproof
  • dimensions: 615 x 540 x 325 mm
  • weight: 7.5 kg

These prices are FOB at the manufacturer loading bay. In all cases, it is recommended that the local Carl Zeiss representative is contacted with respect to additional costs beyond the FOB cost.

The FIND price does include all local costs for local order processing, local warranty (1 year) and local after sales service and support, but not for installation and training, special packaging, or financing. Additional transport and shipping (international and local costs), insurance, clearing, customs duties, and local taxes, where applicable, as well as the local representative costs, are not included. An example is for India, where import duty is 37% if not waived.


Eligible countries

Afghanistan Ethiopia Mauritania Solomon Islands
Angola Gambia, The Moldova Somalia
Bangladesh Ghana Mongolia South Africa
Bhutan Guinea Mozambique Sudan
Bolivia Guinea-Bissau Myanmar Swaziland
Brazil Guyana Namibia Tajikistan
Burkina Faso Haiti Nepal Tanzania
Burundi India Niger Thailand
Cambodia Indonesia Nigeria Timor-Leste
Cameroon Kenya North Korea Togo
Cabo Verde Kiribati Pakistan Tuvalu
Central African Rep. Kyrgyzstan Papua New Guinea Uganda
Chad Lao PDR Peru Ukraine
China Lesotho Philippines Uzbekistan
Congo, DR Liberia Russia Viet Nam
Congo, Rep. of the Madagascar Rwanda Zambia
Côte d’Ivoire Malawi Sao Tome & Principe Zimbabwe
Djibouti Mali Senegal
Ecuador Marshall Islands Sierra Leone



Purchase orders & contact

Contact: Mr. Jürgen Schulze
Phone: +49-551-5060 723
Fax: +49-551-5060 545


Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
Königsallee 9-21,
37081 Göttingen, Germany