Launched in 2012, FIND and Alere/Standard Diagnostics (SD) have developed a rapid diagnostic test (RDT) to screen for gambiense HAT that is cheap and easy to use. Our priority was to develop a method for accurate screening of HAT among populations at risk. Working with many partners, a prototype RDT was developed and evaluated on more than 14,000 participants in Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic. The test is inexpensive, accurate, easy to use and provides results in 15 minutes. It can be used in resource-poor health facilities, requires no electricity and only minimal training of health care workers.

Currently in development, a second generation RDT is expected to be available in 2017. Partnering with the University of Dundee and SD, FIND is working to drive down the price of testing: the second generation RDT uses recombinant antigens, which are cheaper to produce and easier to standardize than the native antigens used for the first generation test.


Negotiated price

FIND and partners have finalized an agreement with Standard Diagnostics in the Republic of Korea to reduce the ex-works price of the SD BIOLINE HAT test to US$ 0.50 (fifty USD cents) per test, or US$ 12.50 per box of 25 tests. This does not include transportation, insurance, import taxes or local service and support.


Eligible countries

FIND has leveraged its investment in the development of the SD BIOLINE HAT test by negotiating a price reduction agreement with its partner, Standard Diagnostics. This agreement fixes the pricing and defines the applicable market in all developing countries, which are all countries except Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, European Union Member States, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States of America.


Purchase orders & contact

Tests can be ordered by contacting Standard Diagnostics directly at the address below and mentioning the negotiated preferential price.

Contact details
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