Tools & support for researchers & developers

Analysis & needs-based prioritization

FIND conducts research and analysis, and provides disease-specific landscapes for diagnostic needs and markets. FIND centralizes and provides free access to these reports, along with key documents, guidelines and resources produced by other stakeholders. Based on identified needs, FIND plays a leading role in developing target product profiles (TPPs) to help guide product development for fit-for-purpose solutions that benefit our patients and country specific healthcare systems.

Identifying & supporting solutions

TPPs provide the basis for FIND’s technology scouting by means of which the organization actively seeks innovative, promising research and approaches to fit-for-purpose solutions. Technology scouting helps FIND to identify partners and to engage with them in support of health-care solutions.

Resources for test development, validation & trialing

FIND maintains specimen and strain banks and makes aliquots available at a very low cost to researchers and developers that apply for their use for assay development and/or assessment. FIND also provides access to its clinical trials platform for test evaluation, validation and clinical trialing in support of WHO policy recommendation.

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