Specimen types & characterization: fever

Specimen types & characterization: fever

The FIND fever biobank holds an extensively characterized specimen collection from acute febrile patients grouped by symptoms, including respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urinary tract infection. Sample requests to this specimen bank can be placed for specific symptomatic patients and/or characterization methods. Information about patients, symptom-based groups, sample characterization process, and tests performed can be found in this paper [PDF].

Sample type Characterization* Volume Origin
Plasma EDTA  


Bacterial infection with/without malaria co-infection

Non-bacterial infection with/without malaria co-infection

0.2 mL Africa; Latin America
Plasma heparin 0.1 mL Africa
Serum 0.2 mL Africa; Latin America
Urine 1 mL Africa; Latin America
Whole blood EDTA 0.5 mL Africa; Latin America
Whole blood PAXgene tubes 1 mL Africa; Latin America

*Two-step characterization process includes extensive laboratory testing:

  1. Each study subject is classified by an electronic algorithm based on microbiological test results according to predefined criteria
  2. A panel of three experts review all remaining study subjects based on patient history, clinical and microbiological data for each patient.

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