Support for Success

Sharing diagnostic know-how for equitable healthcare solutions

FIND launched Support for Success (S4S) to reduce barriers to the delivery of diagnostic tools that are essential for fighting diseases of poverty and save lives. The programme is committed to accelerating development and uptake of high-quality diagnostics for low- and middle-income countries by providing structured guidance to diagnostic companies in all phases of product development, manufacturing and commercialization.

S4S helps build sustainable know-how within a partnering company and offers comprehensive assistance and resources in a modular platform that covers areas such as R&D, product validation, regulatory and clinical affairs, quality systems and processes, customer support and distribution. S4S support to companies is patient-centred and builds upon our collective expertise combining disease knowledge, understanding of global health markets and extensive IVD industry experience.

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Why S4S?

Identifying new technologies or biomarkers is not always enough for successful product development, product launch, market penetration and broad-scale use. This is true for a young enterprise in developing countries as well as for established diagnostics players when it comes to coping with specific challenges of unfamiliar market places and market access routes.

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Customized solutions through S4S

The S4S programme is based on a collaborative and confidential process. Customized solutions will be developed jointly to address the specific needs in order to empower our partners for long-term sustainability and success. The S4S service is provided through a worldwide network of subject matter experts who are committed to FIND’s vision, mission and strategy. The programme also provides access to our sample bank and its worldwide network of clinical study sites. In return, partners commit to providing their services and products to targeted markets under agreed upon conditions – a true win-win situation for the partnering company and for the patient. Financing modes will be discussed on a case by case basis.

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