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FIND maintains a well-established clinical trial platform to enable the collection of essential evidence for researchers, developers and implementers of new diagnostics. FIND’s team designs and conducts feasibility, development, evaluation and demonstration studies, in line with the demands of different stages on the clinical pathway to WHO review. FIND also leverages the platform to gather evidence for scale-up and policy refinement after products have received WHO approval and been adopted into global policy.



FIND’s clinical trial platform is supported by WHO/TDR fellows in Clinical Research and Development, who in turn benefit from exposure to FIND’s work and trainings. Currently, FIND hosts three WHO/TDR fellows from Ethiopia and Ghana.

Manufacturers and others interested in clinical trials can contact FIND for information. Additional resources are found in the links below.

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FIND's trial capacity

FIND’s clinical trials are led by the Heads of Programme and Clinical Trial Coordinator with continuous support from experts in clinical trials, laboratory practices, data management and biostatistics, reporting and dissemination of results. Alongside this, an external pool of health economists and systematic reviewers collaborate with FIND, sharing their expertise in key issues. All clinical trials benefit from internal oversight from the Chief Medical Officer and external oversight from the FIND Scientific Advisory Committee.

In addition, all trials benefit from FIND’s internal support functions and are guided by international best practices.


Clinical trial sites - 2017

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FIND collaborates with trials around the world including sites in low- and middle-income countries.

In 2017, more than 30 clinical sites and reference lab partners contributed to the conduct of clinical trials in the different disease areas. Among these, approximately 15 sites constitute FIND’s clinical platform where the majority of studies are carried out on an ongoing basis.