Voices for Diagnosis

Voices for Diagnosis

Voices for Diagnosis is an annual prize, launched in 2018, to recognize individuals and organizations that implement innovative approaches to improve access to and create demand for timely, cost-effective diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases in low- and middle-income countries. The prize is adjudicated and supported by the Diagnostics Ambassadors, an informal network of thought leaders from diverse disciplines who help champion the important role played by diagnostics in global health.

Despite being pivotal for guiding the best treatment for patients, preventing the spread of disease and antimicrobial resistance, and enhancing surveillance for early disease detection and monitoring, diagnostics remain under-resourced and overlooked. Raising the profile of diagnostics in order to enhance access and spur behaviour change to support their uptake is pivotal to transforming patient experiences when faced with some of the world’s most deadly infectious diseases.

Patient groups, and health and rights advocacy organizations have a key role to play in promoting diagnostic access. The Voices for Diagnosis prize celebrates and broadens the impact of community initiatives with a view to encouraging best-practice sharing and sparking creative new ideas. Each year the prize will focus on a specific theme; entries will be assessed according to their level of innovation and their impact on diagnostic access in low-resource settings, in line with the current theme. Initiatives may address topics such as behaviour change in clinical practice, patient and healthcare provider education, and innovative use of technology (e.g. artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing or social media).


Eligibility & selection criteria

Formal or informal patient groups, advocacy organizations, or other non-governmental organizations, including implementing bodies, are invited to apply.

Initiatives may address topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Behaviour change in clinical practice
  • Patient/healthcare provider education
  • Innovative use of technology (e.g. artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing or social media)

Submissions will be reviewed by FIND and members of the Diagnostics Ambassador network. The following factors will be considered in choosing the winning applicants:

  • Impact of the initiative in terms of improved patient outcomes, improved access, and/or cost effectiveness
  • The degree to which the innovation/initiative is a significant improvement on previous approaches
  • Practicality for replicating the approach in other settings and regions
  • Testimony by patients, healthcare providers, and implementers


2019/20 theme & prize fund

Will be announced soon.

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