Ana Belen Ibartz

Ana Belen Ibartz


Location Geneva, Switzerland

Health Programme Pandemic Threats

Department Medical Affairs

Unit Global Health Security

About Ana Belen Ibartz

Dr. Ana Ibarz joined FIND in December 2021 as a Surveillance Scientific officer, working under the umbrella of the Emerging Threats & Global Health Security. Ana is a member of the Pandemic and Preparedness and the AMR teams, and works in close collaboration with the sequencing and digital health teams.

Her role is to lead technical activities for projects, with a focus on improving disease surveillance systems in Low and Middle-Income Countries across multiple disease areas. She is an infectious diseases epidemiologist with strong analytical skills, and extensive experience in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, where she has led projects to improve the surveillance and reporting of vaccine-preventable diseases, and the incorporation of new molecular diagnostic and pathogen characterization techniques into the national surveillance networks.

Ana holds a PhD from the University of Oxford, and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Liverpool. She has a strong background in clinical research, and has published several research papers in peer-reviewed journals.