Health programmes

Our health programmes are designed to deliver on our goals in support of universal health coverage and global health security.

Narishaben Solanki receiving DOT program medication from Mikesh Vanuzu at the Hirabaug Health Centre, in Surat, India. 14.12.2017 © FIND/Ben Phillips

Antimicrobial Resistance

We are working to improve access to AMR testing and surveillance so that antibiotic drugs will continue to work for as long as possible and lives can be saved.

Liana Gogia, 58 years old, received a postitive result on an RDT that was administered as part of a door-to-door screening campaign. She is having blood drawn to get a confirmatory test at the Zugdidi Infectious Disease Hospital. Her family suspects she acquired HCV recently via unhygienic dental procedure.

Hepatitis & HIV

We are working to ensure that everyone who has hepatitis is diagnosed so they can access the care they need.

CERMAL nurse Matsanga Stanie, patient visitation room for vitals and sample collection. Rapid tests (malaria)

Malaria & Fever

We are working to improve diagnosis of febrile illnesses to reduce deaths from malaria and fever.

Child giving a blood sample to test for schistosomiasis in Kenya FIND/George Muiruri 2021

Neglected Tropical Diseases

We are working to accelerate elimination of NTDs through tailored testing strategies.

NCD Project | Health checkups during CRP (community resource person) reviews, India, 16.03.2021 |© FIND & MYRADA/Shivram Manthena

Non-communicable Diseases

We are working to stop people dying prematurely because of NCDs, by increasing the availability, affordability and uptake of essential diagnostics for diabetes and other cardiometabolic conditions.

Pandemic Threats

We are building on advances catalysed by the COVID-19 pandemic to establish sustainable early-warning and response systems for known and emerging pathogens.

SHG (self-help group) member Parvati visits villages to screen household contacts of all previously and currently diagnosed TB patients to coordinate for testing. Photo credit: FIND & MYRADA/Adithya Shankar


We are working to stop people dying from TB because they weren’t diagnosed.

Monitoring by CRPs of SHG (self-help groups) Photo credit: FIND & MYRADA/Shivram Manthena

Women's Health

We are working to strengthen women’s health services by increasing access to essential screening, testing and treatment for HPV and cervical cancer.