DxConnect is a facilitation platform hosted by FIND, to overcome diagnostic gaps by connecting stakeholders and enabling interactions.

Tools and resources provided under the DxConnect umbrella contain information managed and collated – but not owned – by FIND, as a service to the diagnostics community.

Our aim is to provide transparency and easy access to information in key areas for diagnostic stakeholders. For more information about DxConnect or to contribute to these tools or resources, please contact us.

NTDs test directory

DxConnect test directories

FIND currently collates and manages directories of tests for AMR, COVID-19, outbreaks, neglected tropical diseases and tuberculosis, to bring transparency to the diagnostic landscape.

DxConnect Diagnostics Marketplace

The DxConnect Diagnostics Marketplace is a secure digital platform and support service designed to connect buyers and sellers and facilitate the procurement of affordable, quality-assured diagnostics.

DxConnect Virtual Biobank

(PDF, 4.59 MB, 2 pages)

A free, open-access directory offering a global view of sample availability for infectious diseases, with guidance on sample use, the DxConnect Virtual Biobank offers data on collections hosted by organizations and networks worldwide, as well as by FIND, allowing users and owners of biosamples to connect directly.