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  • Zaza's lab-in-a-van

    Zaza is a social worker at Imedi HRS in Batumi, Georgia. With a lab specialist, Zaza does community outreach work conducting mobile counseling and screening for hepatitis C and other infectious diseases, using a lab-in-a van.

  • Jennifer's quality training

    This is Jennifer from the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) in the Philippines, leading a workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on quality testing for malaria rapid tests.

  • Sabir's TB school visit

    Meet Sabir. He is 14 years old and lives in Surat, India. He loves studying and competed in the national Science Olympiad. He found out he had TB only after learning about the disease during a school visit by doctors.


From our CEO

25 MAR 2019

This year’s World Malaria Day theme is zero malaria starts with me, something that resonates particularly strongly here at FIND, as elimination of any infectious disease just isn’t possible without effective diagnostics to find patients and track progress.

Developing new tools and assessing them to ensure they are up to the job is an urgent priority, and we are happy to have announced this week that work is underway to support local registration of a new rapid test that uses a finger-prick blood sample to simultaneously detect malaria infection and presence of C-reactive protein (an indicator for possible bacterial infection). By combining these two tests, healthcare workers will not only be able to diagnose malaria but will also have data for action in the event that the malaria test is negative. Our integrated approach to tackling fever and malaria – enabling us to start with the patient, not the disease – is highlighted in our contribution to this year’s Fight Against Malaria campaign.


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