Cross-cutting workstreams

Many of our initiatives are not disease-specific – these are the main cross-cutting areas in which we work.

Business intelligence

We work with partners to accelerate product development, bring much-needed transparency to the diagnostic market, and generate new data to inform decision-making at every level.

Biobank services

We enable access to well-characterized, high-quality biological samples to academic, non-profit, independent, and commercial users, to streamline the development of diagnostic tools, as well as improving the quality, visibility, and availability of sample collections.

Clinical trials

We are working to enable high-quality human subject research and strengthen clinical research capacity in low- and middle-income countries.

Diagnostic network design and optimization

We take a network analytics approach to design patient-centred and cost-efficient diagnostic systems.

Diagnostic systems strengthening

We are working to build diagnostic capacity within health systems to boost access to quality tests.

Digital health

We are working to leverage digital tools to ensure equitable and timely access to reliable diagnosis.

Genomics & sequencing

We are working to strengthen next-generation sequencing and genomic surveillance for improved diagnosis and surveillance across low- and middle-income countries.

Health Poverty Action Visiting Hospitals at Kompong Chhnang & Battambong Province

Market innovations

We provide actionable insights at every step of the diagnostic journey, to enable efficient access to new and existing diagnostic tools through sustainable financing models and innovative distribution channels.

Pandemic preparedness and the 100 Days Mission

The 100 Days Mission is a G7 initiative to create a plan for the world to be able to respond to and extinguish the global threat of the next Disease X within 100 days of WHO declaring a major outbreak or pandemic.

Product development

We are working to accelerate innovation that can bring quality testing closer to those who need it, with a particular focus on primary care.

Regional manufacturing

Regional manufacturing

We are supporting efforts to decentralize manufacturing so that every country has sustainable access to appropriate, affordable diagnostic tests.

Grace Wairimu at a rehab centre in Kilifi County where she came to do her HCV self-test. 04.03.2020, Kilify County, Kenya Photo credits: FIND / Brian Otieno


We are working to advance self-care through diagnostics, devices and digital solutions, so that people can be empowered to take control of their health, and protect themselves and their communities.