Product development

We are working to accelerate innovation that can bring quality testing closer to those who need it, with a particular focus on primary care.

COVID-19 has accelerated a revolution in diagnostics technology for all diseases – not just pandemics.

Bill Rodriguez


Innovative diagnostic tools can help to address urgent needs, strengthen primary healthcare services and expand access to diagnostics.

Advancements in diagnostic technologies are helping to expand access to testing, although substantial gaps remain. Multi-disease point-of-care tests are helping to bring accurate diagnostic testing for diseases like COVID-19 and tuberculosis out of the laboratory to where patients receive care. Rapid diagnostic tests, like the lateral flow tests for COVID-19, can help expand access to quality diagnostic tests for all patients, at primary care and community levels. Innovative self-testing approaches are also broadening access to testing and empowering people to take control of their health, to protect themselves and their communities. Supporting the development of innovative, fit-for-purpose diagnostic technologies is an essential part of ensuring people have access to testing when and where they need it.

Our focus is on supporting the development of diagnostic tools that are high-quality, affordable, robust and environmentally sustainable. With our partners, we are working on technology innovation, to bring promising new technologies to the market and optimize existing ones for new use cases.

We also offer product development support to manufacturers and other industry partners, providing guidance and expertise for product development projects at all stages of the product life cycle.

There are now more than 60 novel near-patient molecular diagnostic tests with regulatory authorization that can detect SARS-CoV-2 and other pandemic pathogens, including more than 15 novel systems that are truly usable at a primary care level in most low- and middle-income countries

Marta Fernández Suárez

Chief Technology Officer

Target product profiles

TPPs provide details on the minimum and optimal performance and operational characteristics of diagnostic tests.

Clinical trials

Our well-established clinical trials unit enables the collection of independent evidence for researchers, developers, and implementers of new diagnostics.

Biobank services

Our biobank services enable access to well-characterized, high-quality biological samples for product development.

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