Camille Escadafal

Camille Escadafal

Senior Scientist

Location Geneva, Switzerland

Health programme Pandemic Threats

Department Medical Affairs

About Camille Escadafal

Camille joined the Malaria & Fever programme at FIND in 2017, supporting its work on acute febrile syndrome, and is currently Senior Scientific Officer in the Pandemic Preparedness team. She trained as a biochemistry engineer at INSA (Toulouse, France) and worked 3 years as a research engineer at the Pasteur Institute in Senegal where she oversaw development and standardizing of diagnostic techniques for arboviral infections.

In 2014, Camille completed her PhD with a focus on the quality assessment and development of diagnostic methods for vector-borne viral infections, particularly yellow fever virus.

Camille later joined the Laboratory for Urgent Biological Threats, Institut Pasteur, as coordinator of their human virology activities, focusing on creating a laboratory network for emerging viruses in the Mediterranean region. She also coordinated a project on point-of-care tests for epidemic-prone viruses and took part in international field missions during the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Zika outbreak in Brazil.