Norma Torres

Norma Torres

Chief Operations Officer

Location Geneva, Switzerland

Health programme Array, Array, Array

Department Executive Team, Leadership Group, Operations

About Norma Torres

Norma joined FIND in July 2023 as Chief Operations Officer, responsible for operational excellence at FIND, guiding FIND’s workflow and the organization of all essential business processes.

Norma spent over a decade as a banker in Mexico City and Wall Street. She specialized in risk management and innovation, primarily working on emerging businesses and new financial products. She followed up with a few years as a finance academic and consultant and as CFO for an entrepreneurial venture.

For over a decade she has worked in the humanitarian and environmental sectors, focused on enabling the successful delivery of programmatic strategies through strategic business partnering and the design and implementation of fit-for-purpose operational processes. Norma joined FIND from Greenpeace International where, in her role as interim International Executive Director, she led a significant global cultural transformation, preparing the organization for a new chapter in its fight against climate change.

Norma most enjoys building bridges across people, aligning mind sets and leveraging the power of diverse and multicultural teams. She holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, USA, as well as multiple risk management and leadership certifications.