Rossella Baldan

Rossella Baldan

Clinical Research Officer

Location Geneva, Switzerland

Health programme Array, Array, Array

Department Medical Affairs

Unit Clinical Trials Unit

About Rossella Baldan

Rossella joined FIND in October 2021 as Clinical Officer to support the Pandemic Preparedness programme and the Clinical Trials Unit in the conduct of evaluation studies of in vitro diagnostics for COVID-19 and outbreak-prone pathogens.

Before joining FIND, she worked as scientist and project manager at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute, University of East Anglia, King’s College London, and University of Bern. Rossella focused on outbreak investigation, epidemiology and pathogenicity of multidrug-resistant organisms causing community and healthcare-associated infections, and recently, on the development and clinical evaluation of rapid diagnostics (based on next-generation sequencing) for respiratory infections, including tuberculosis, and COVID-19 serology survey in special populations. From Mar-Aug 2020, she interned at FIND while working on her diploma in Clinical Trial Management at the University of Geneva.

Rossella graduated in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (Padova, IT), and holds a board certification in Clinical Microbiology and Virology (Padova, IT), and a PhD in Medical Biotechnology (Siena, IT).