Nageswara Rao

Nageswara Rao

Regional Lead

Localisation New Delhi, India

Programme de santé Array, Array, Array

Départment Access

Unité Country and Regional Programmes

A propos de Nageswara Rao

Velidi Nageswara Rao joined FIND India as State Operations Manager for Andhra Pradesh under the Global Fund-supported JEET (Joint Effort for Elimination of Tuberculosis) project. He has both a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in social work and Human Resources Development. In addition to these, he received diplomas in Para Medical Workers’ Training and in NGO Management. Mr. Rao has over 22 years of experience managing public health and development projects involving all human resources, partners, vehicles, logistics, organizational assets, and more.

Prior to joining FIND India in April 2018, Mr. Rao worked as Project Coordinator and as Project Officer for Leprosy, Malaria and Filaria, LEPRA Society in Odisha, as well as for the Emmaus Swiss Leprosy and Tuberculosis project in Karnataka. He trained more than 1000 health personnel in soft skills related to TB control, and led the team and partners to develop and institutionalize standards, guidelines, processes, procedures and protocols. He successfully completed the evaluation and project completed report of United Andhra Pradesh Counsellors Project on HIV/AIDS. Mr. Rao contributed to the research and publication of a study on Integration of Leprosy Services into Primary Health Care in Orissa, India. Additionally, he is part of operational research on Tuberculosis in private sector notification and school research on TB awareness.