Our Outbreaks programme

Epidemics of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases are a significant and growing global threat. Since 2002, the world has experienced over a dozen major infectious disease outbreaks. Diagnostics are crucial to mitigate the effect of disease outbreaks. Diagnosing patients quickly is essential to break the transmission chain and contain epidemics. For instance, in the West Africa Ebola outbreak, diagnostics and diagnostic response were critical factors in the absence of interventions. Earlier diagnosis could have controlled 30-70% of cases.

Recently, FIND successfully established an Outbreaks programme focused on Ebola, Zika and needs assessments across diseases. During and after the Ebola epidemic in West Africa from 2014-2016, FIND supported the response to the outbreak with rapid case detection and health system strengthening. In this instance, FIND’s unique expertise at the nexus of global and local public health, and understanding of the commercial diagnostics industry and emerging technologies, were instrumental in achieving rapid and long lasting success.

FIND’s goal is to strengthen global diagnostic preparedness by addressing the key issues around the development and uptake of critical diagnostics.  FIND will focus on seven objectives:

Catalyse development
Guide use and policy
Accelerate access
Shape the agenda

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