Microcoat Biotechnologie GmbH and FIND have worked in cooperation to develop three histidine-rich proteins (HRP2, types A, B, and C), expressed as recombinant proteins in a heterologous system. These proteins are commercially available as stabilized and standardized reference materials for researchers, diagnostics developers and users of malaria rapid diagnostic tests.

The proteins can be used for evaluating the performance of malaria rapid diagnostic tests in quality control programmes and for the calibration of HRP2 detection assays.

Product pricing

Exact protein quantity per aliquot is lot-specific and indicated on the aliquot label. The price per aliquot is 200.00 Euros (excluding shipping charges).

Cat. no. Item name Format per vial
890015 HRP2 Type A Product Info Sheet 0.1 mg, lyophilized
890014 HRP2 Type B Product Info Sheet 0.1 mg, lyophilized
890016 HRP2 Type C Product Info Sheet 0.1 mg, lyophilized



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