FIND statement at digital health side-event during the second health working group of the G20 in India

Priority 3

Side-event on digital health during panel discussion 2: innovations in healthcare (health service delivery aided by technology interventions)

Delivered by Rigveda Kadam, FIND Deputy Director, Digital Health
Goa, India, 19 April 2023

    It is evident that India and other G20 countries are at the forefront of innovation in relation to the use of cutting-edge digital health technologies that can help health programmes leapfrog traditional service delivery gaps. As is clear from the sessions earlier today and during this week, there is already alignment on common enablers to ensure that the impact from these technologies is realized at scale and in an equitable manner, such as coordinated investments in digital public infrastructure, availability of policy and regulatory frameworks, capacity building, and so on.

    On behalf of FIND, I would therefore like to reiterate our support to the coordination and policy mechanisms proposed in the Global Initiative on Digital Health and also the use of national or regional digital health innovation hubs to support the effective use of digital health technologies including AI to strengthen primary healthcare.

    These could build on learnings from existing mechanisms such as the India-based C-CAMP, or the Rwanda-based regional accelerator HealthTech Hub Africa. FIND is working alongside our country and community partners to support the development, evaluation and use of people-centred digital diagnostic technologies and we look forward to supporting the outcomes of these deliberations.