Technology scouting submission webform

Dear developers,

You can submit a short and non-confidential presentation covering the following topics to

  1. Company/Institution background and team
  2. Your product vision, stage of development and development roadmap, existing and future test pipeline (intended use/disease/pathogens).
  3. Technology: underlying technology principle, compatible sample matrix (blood, urine, oral swabs), multiplexing ability (how many targets are measured per test, including controls)
  4. Usability, connectivity, and power consumption considerations
  5. Analytical and clinical data, if available
  6. COGS estimates and manufacturing capacity
  7. Quality management system status, regulatory, and IP considerations
  8. Interest in commercialization in LMICs – Do you have any ongoing projects directed toward global health issues/targeting LMIC markets? Which development project would be your priority, considering possible funding availability?

We will review the deck and come back to you in case the solution fits with FIND’s mission and current strategy. We thank you for your interest in our activities.