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Find out more about the diagnostic tools featured in the showcase on Diagnostic Day 2024.

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Technology categoryCompanyTechnologyAssay menu pipeline (not comprehensive)Description
MolecularAptitude Medical Systems, Inc.Metrix ReaderCOVID-19
COVID-19/FluA/B/RSV, CT/NG/TV, Strep, Ulcer panel, HPV, TB
The Metrix® Reader is a durable and easy-to-use molecular diagnostic device that fits in the palm of a hand and delivers results within 30 min or less.

The system utilizes isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology for the detection of moleculat targets (such as DNA and RNA) in unprocessed saliva or nasal swab specimens. The amplification reaction is monitored in real-time in respective reaction chambers through an electrochemical reporting technology.

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Guangzhou Pluslife Technology Co., Ltd.Mini DockCOVID-19/FluA/B,Mpox,TB, RSV/FluA/B,StrepA, MP, CT/NG/UU, HPV, TV, GBS
HCV,MRSA,Dengue,Malaria, SP
Pluslife Mini Dock is a rapid molecular detection system that is handheld and delivers results in 7-35 min. The system uses a proprietary isothermal amplification method and fluorescence detection.

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Ustar Biotechnologies (Hangzhou) Ltd.PortNAT SystemCOVID-19
HIV (pipeline)
The PortNAT® System, designed with an all-in-one test cartridge and a compact reusable incubator, delivers fast (usually in 30 min), accurate results in a variety of scenarios right at the point of care. The system uses isothermal amplification and the fluorescence signal is detected by an optical system. The device analyzes the signal and automatically reports the results as "Positive/Negative/Invalid".

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Coyote Bioscience Co., Ltd.FlashDetect NanoCOVID-19, COVID-19/FluA/B, FluA/B/RSV, StrepA, MRSA, MTB, CT/NG/UU, MG/TV/MH, HSV, Dengue, Chikungunya/YV/Dengue, mPoxFlashDetect™ NANO is a near-patient testing system of less than 4.5 kg that delivers results in 10-20 min. It performs a fully automated PCR with four fluorescence channels using fully enclosed All-in-One cartridges.

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LumiraDx UK LimitedLumiraDx PlatformRuns a range of assays using microfluidic test strips including ones for COVID-19, D-Dimer, and HbA1c. A TB test would be the first molecular test to run on the platform.The LumiraDx Platform is an innovative, next generation point of care system that combines a small, portable instrument, advanced low cost test strip and seamless digital connectivity.

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Rapid diagnostics tests (RDTs)BioclinLeishmaniose VH BIOLeishmaniose VH BIO is an immunochromatographic rapid test for qualitative determination of anti-Leishmania spp (L. donovani, L. chagasi e L. infantum) antibodies IgG in serum, plasma or human whole blood samples.
DiaTropixSaytu COVID-19 Ag testSaytu COVID-19 Ag test is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of specific SARS-CoV-2 antigens present in human nasal cavity.
Wama DiagnosticaCOVID-19 Ag rapid testA rapid chromatographic immunoassay kit for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2- virus (COVID-19) in human nasopharyngeal swab specimens.

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