Technology & Development

We are working to accelerate technological innovations that can transform access to quality diagnostics.

For a diagnostic tool to make an impact on the ground, it must be readily available and adapted for the people who need it and the context in which they will use it.

Testing is an ongoing challenge in many low-resource settings. Diagnostics are often too expensive, unsuited for local needs, or simply non-existent. Low- and middle-income countries urgently need simple, affordable, robust diagnostic and digital solutions to expand access to testing. By focusing on the needs of those who will be using the new technologies, such tools can help bring testing not only to hospitals, but also clinics, communities, and even homes. We are drawing on two decades of experience to provide diagnostic developers with the technical support, market insights, and resources they need to drive fit-for-purpose solutions from initial concept to successful roll-out in countries.

To ensure equitable access to testing, countries must also be able to deliver appropriate diagnostics at speed, wherever they’re needed. However, bottlenecks in global supply chains often cause delays. We work with diagnostic developers and local manufacturers to build in-country manufacturing capacity, and we are pioneering new ways to transfer skills to local regions. This strategy promotes local innovation and increases self-reliance for countries to respond to public health challenges.

Global momentum is driving innovation that goes beyond a single disease, from digital technologies to self-tests and local manufacturing expansion. Investing in the right technologies can transform access to testing across all diseases.

Marta Fernández Suárez

Chief Technology Officer

Multi-pathogen testing is the future of diagnostics

Test directories

To deliver on our commitment and drive new progress in diagnostics, we gather and share data about diagnostic pipelines and commercially available tests, to bring transparency to the industry and inform decision-making at all levels.

Business intelligence

We actively scout for innovative, new diagnostic solutions for poverty-related diseases that we can support on their journey from product development to market access and impact.

Biobank services

Available to academic, non-profit, independent, and commercial users, we are working to streamline the development of diagnostic tools by improving the quality, visibility, and availability of sample collections.