Brooke Nichols

Brooke Nichols

Senior Director, Impact

Location Geneva, Switzerland

About Brooke Nichols

Dr Brooke Nichols, PhD MSc, joined FIND as the Senior Director of the Impact Department in January 2023. In this role, she is responsible for maximising and measuring the impact of FIND’s efforts across the three strategic domains: maximising health, minimising costs to patients and healthcare systems, and increasing equitable access to diagnostics. Dr. Nichols specialises in development of novel quantitative methods and repurposing existing methods to design cost-effective and implementable diagnostic-related interventions aimed at reducing the burden of disease.

Prior to joining FIND, Dr Nichols was on the faculty at Boston University School of Public Health. Her academic research focused on the interface between mathematical modelling (for HIV, TB, and SARS-CoV-2), health economics and health policy/implementation across the Southern African region.

Dr Nichols obtained her PhD in infectious disease mathematical modelling & health economics from the Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands, and her MSc in epidemiology & biostatistics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA.