Our core colour palette consists of the three colours in our logo, complemented by an extended secondary palette for use when needed.

Core palette for digital application

The core palette for digital uses the three colours from our logo, developed to pass WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines, to provide optimal contrast against white backgrounds at large sizes (i.e. over 18 pt for roman text, or over 14 pt for bold text) in digital communications including presentations, documents and social media posts.

The secondary palette for digital includes Dark Pomegranate to convey a sense of urgency and highlight a specific call to action. The Dark Turquoise and Dark Blue-Grey can be used as alternatives to the regular Turquoise or Blue-Grey for text at small sizes to retain accessibility (i.e. less than 18 pt for roman text, or less than 14 pt for bold text), and also to provide improved contrast when used as a coloured background against white text. In particular, the Dark Blue-Grey should be used in preference to black for body copy on a white background.

Colour tints

These should only be used with the Dark Blue-Grey as backgrounds to separate areas of content for use in diagrams, graphs, charts and other information graphics.

Our extended palette

For diagrams, graphs or charts an extended palette with additional colours is available.


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