FIND 2021 highlights now available

While COVID-19 continued to wreak havoc on people and communities throughout 2021, the year was in many ways a year of acceptance. Acceptance that COVID-19 has changed the world forever – from work practices to travel, from schooling to sport, from providing care to receiving care. Acceptance that health is not something that happens outside of the economy, but that health and economic activity are inextricably intertwined, and not just for pandemic viruses. Acceptance, ultimately that spending on healthcare is truly an investment, not just an outlay.

“Build back better” was the catchphrase of the year, and certainly in diagnostics a lot of progress has been made in pursuit of better, more sustainable, more resilient health systems the world over. From building new manufacturing facilities in Africa, India and Latin America; to accelerating the development of a new generation of point-of-care tests for primary healthcare; to making available inexpensive self-tests that can help people protect themselves and their families; to powering up new genome sequencing machines that detect new variants as they emerge – investments made in diagnostics for the pandemic are indeed building a legacy that will have far-reaching impact beyond COVID-19.

Today we share highlights from last year, celebrating accomplishments in 2021 as well as acknowledging how much work remains to be done – not only to bring the pandemic to an end, but to defeat so many other diseases that continue to claim countless lives and jeopardize livelihoods every single day.


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We offer heartfelt thanks to the FIND team, and to our friends, colleagues, partners, and stakeholders across the world for your ongoing support, as we continue to work together in our mission to ensure equitable access to reliable diagnosis around the world.

Bill and Mark