NTD test directory now live

The WHO NTD 2030 roadmap highlighted the need for more suitable and accessible diagnostic tools for the majority of the 20 NTDs and disease groups. Six of the NTDs (Buruli ulcer, echinococcosis, foodborne trematodiases, mycetoma, onchocerciasis, taenia/cysticercosis) have no diagnostic tests available at all, while the remaining are in urgent need of adaptation, modification, and/or improved access.


We are working to improve visibility and transparency in NTD diagnostic R&D, to help streamline programmatic action, reduce the risk of duplication, and leverage the full potential from a limited pool of funding. Last week at the COR-NTD annual meeting, we launched an open-access online portal for NTD diagnostics, which in the first instance will focus on the seven NTDs in the FIND portfolio: Buruli ulcer, Chagas disease, human African trypanosomiasis, lymphatic filariasis, onchocerciasis, schistosomiasis and visceral leishmaniasis. Moving forward, we will extend the scope to include all NTDs.


The online portal for NTD diagnostics is initially a fully searchable test directory, including test characteristics, based on the existing FIND COVID-19 and monkeypox test directories. We strongly encourage the NTD community to contribute details of their tests (either that are in development or commercially available).


As a second phase, we will deploy data analytics approaches to reveal insights from the data in the test directory. Users will be able to query the data on elements such as the number/type of diagnostics that are available for specific use cases, or that relate to particular target product profiles. It will also be possible to identify where there are diagnostic gaps. The scope of this data analytics portal will be developed in collaboration with the global health community, based on user journey methodology to make it as useful as possible to stakeholders.


To submit details of a test for inclusion in the NTD diagnostics online portal, please click here.


In case of queries, please contact us.