FIND first statement at plenary session on the Global Alliance for Regional Production and Innovation during the second G20 health working group meeting

Plenary session on the Global Alliance for Regional Production and Innovation

Delivered by Dr Sergio Carmona, acting CEO
10 April 2024, Brasilia, Brazil

FIND’s vision is to ensure that everyone who needs a test gets one and we believe that the redistribution of manufacturing capacity for diagnostics is key to achieving our goals. This within the full ecosystem of ACCESS that Jeremy Farrar presented earlier, on that is based on sound science and is built on trust.

FIND supports the objectives of the Global Alliance for Regional Production and Innovation, which align closely with the Resolution on strengthening diagnostics capacity adopted by the World Health Assembly last year.

FIND believes that The Alliance can play a critical role in enabling equitable access to diagnostics not only for neglected diseases but also other priority diseases (echoing the sentiments of our colleague from UNAIDS, it is important to acknowledge that HIV remains an epidemic that is yet to be fully controlled, necessitating improved diagnostics and greater attention to associated social determinant diseases such as Cholera), all these to ultimately achieve UHC.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, FIND and Unitaid catalyzed partnerships that facilitated technology transfer and strengthened infrastructure which enabled diagnostic manufacturers in Africa, Asia, and also here in Brazil to increase production of much needed diagnostic tests. We have now expanded this initiative to boost regional and local manufacturing with new partners in Asia and Africa.

During India’s G20 Presidency, FIND and Unitaid engaged with diagnostic manufacturers, and other stakeholders to identify a roadmap for regional manufacturing. The discussions highlighted the need for:

  • Financing mechanisms including public sector investments and financial instruments that suit the needs of regional manufacturers,
  • Regional capacity development to increase the availability of local manufacturing expertise,
  • Reduced trade and tariff barriers and pooled procurement mechanisms to help manufacturers access crucial raw materials from neighboring countries and regions,
  • Harmonized and accelerated regulatory pathways that provide clear guidance on local regulatory processes, and align with global procurement mechanisms, and
  • Market interventions to guarantee stable demand through volume commitments for procurement from LMIC based manufacturers.

While these recommendations may not be new, they must be adequately scaled and resourced if we are to ensure equitable access to diagnostics and other health technologies.

The Alliance could help accelerate implementation and validation of these measures. FIND’s experiences uniquely position us to support the efforts of the Alliance and we look forward to partnering with the G20 to further its mission.