World AIDS Day 2021

OptiDx microsite goes live to mark World AIDS Day 2021

Diagnostic network optimization (DNO) aims to understand how diagnostic services are organized in a country to inform the optimal location of tools, testing capacity and sample referral systems. It uses national data to understand existing gaps that limit access to and utilization of diagnostic services, and to design the best solutions to address these gaps.

For more than 5 years, FIND has been working with partners to explore diagnostic network design and optimization in countries across Asia and Africa, with a focus on integrated testing and sample referral for HIV, TB and neglected tropical diseases.

On World AIDS Day this year, there is a global call for:

  • Community-led and people-centred infrastructure
  • Equitable access to medicines, vaccines and health technologies
  • Human rights, to build trust and tackle pandemics
  • Elevating essential workers, and providing them with the resources and tools they need
  • People-centred data systems that highlight inequalities

DNO has an important role in helping to meet these objectives, for HIV and many other diseases.

OptiDx, a web-based, open-access network analytics tool for DNO was launched at the recent ASLM2021 Conference by a consortium of partners including FIND.

An OptiDx microsite is now available, housing useful resources for anyone interested in learning more and getting started with DNO and OptiDx.


If you would like any additional information on OptiDx or DNO, please visit the microsite or contact us.

Heidi Albert, FIND DNO lead