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New routes to market for diagnostic manufacturers can expand access to testing

Numerous market challenges can impede diagnostic access, including insufficient product knowledge, fragmented supply chains, opaque pricing information, and high logistics costs.

The DxConnect Marketplace is a secure digital platform and support service to facilitate the procurement of affordable, quality-assured diagnostics. It was conceived by FIND to overcome these market access challenges, directly connecting buyers with test suppliers to serve market segments that cannot access quality products through other procurement mechanisms. The platform includes verified information on quality diagnostics, a global network of approved buyers and suppliers, and numerous digital features to support a smooth procurement journey for diagnostics.

DxConnect Marketplace

The DxConnect Marketplace is available to any registered and approved user. It is free to use and entirely not-for-profit.

FIND and VIA Global Health partner to expand access to quality diagnostics in low- and middle-income countries

Diagnostics Day 2023

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