Self-testing resource hub

Open-access resources to support implementation of self-testing and self-care initiatives.

We are developing this open-access resource hub to support any organization working to bridge the testing gap in underserved regions.

The hub is in development, and we invite you to contact us with feedback and suggestions.

It will provide methodologies, templates, checklists and examples based on our ongoing learnings and experiences, to expedite self-testing initiatives in low- and middle-income countries. It is divided into three sections.

Introducing testing technologies (to come)

In this section we will share links to useful information for introducing self-testing solutions. In the first instance this will include resources relating to our work with COVID-19, to be followed by more information on other disease states over time, with HPV and HIV as the next priorities.

Resources will relate to the regulatory environment, clinical validations and in-market research for self-tests.

Pilot implementation resources (to come)

This section will include the methodologies and steps taken to execute COVID-19 self-testing pilot programmes. It will provide examples, templates and checklists that you can download and use for your own initiatives.

Case studies

This section provides information about the pilots we conducted for COVID-19. You can navigate through the details and key learnings from our work in Georgia; additional case studies from Brazil, Malaysia, India and Viet Nam will follow.

FIND self-testing strategy

Learn more about our organization's goals, objectives and initiatives related to self-testing.

Diagnostics Day 2023

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